2011 Trackit MK3/Polygraphy Recorder with Video

Ambulatory EEG and Sleep Applications. Time-Synchronized Video. Wireless Connectivity.

The TrackitTM MK3 EEG/Polygraphy Recorder with Video is a patient and clinician-friendly solution for both ambulatory EEG and sleep applications. Patients can now have lab-quality EEG and HD video recordings performed in the comfort of their own home while being monitored over the internet in near-real time. This more natural recording environment ensures the best possible recording quality while minimizing the expense of a hospital-based referral. The LifeLines iEEG software allows the technologist or other clinician to review and make clinical decisions and adjustments during the recording, as well as ensuring the quality of the recording via online monitoring. The heart of this system is LifeLines’ Trackit MK3 ambulatory recorder. The MK3 has a proven record of consistently high performance in some of the world’s leading hospitals and epilepsy centers. Clinicians and researchers have come to rely on Trackit lab-quality recordings in harsh environments. This includes the patient’s home, hospitals, physicians' offices, research laboratories, and veterinary practices - providing high-quality EEG studies for a wide range of patients.

EEG with video made easy

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