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Neuro Diagnostics LBM Series 4.0E ............... $?

2-Channel EMG/NCV/SSEP System with built in plotter, Visual & Audio stimulators, and all accessories.

Neuro Diagnostics LBM Series 4.0D ............... $?

2-Channel EMG/NCV/SSEP System with built-in plotter and all accessories (can be upgraded to Series 4.0E)

Neuro Diagnostics LBM Series 4.0S ............... $?

Single-Channel EMG/NCV/SSEP System with built-in plotter and all accessories (can be upgraded to 2-Channel system, etc.)

Neuro Diagnostics LBM Series 3.0 ................... $?

Single-Channel EMG/NCV/SSEP System with built-in plotter and all accessories (can not be upgraded to 2-Channel system, etc.)

Applied Neuro Tech................... $?

(EMG, NCV, F/H WAVE and a Great Report Writer)

Introducing a new Electromyograph that sets a new standard or ease of use and value. Each system includes a preamplifier, stmulator, two footswitches, and a printer, all packaged in a smartly designed carrying case.

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Shipping-Delivery Separately Quoted

Service Includes: Installation and Training

Warranty: One Year labor and Parts

These new instruments have been designed to provide you with tools that not only allow you to evaluate electrophysiologic functions accurately and conveniently, but to perform studies in minimum time. After observing many studies as they were performed, time data indicated practitioners spent 30% of their testing time manipulating controls and making measurements.

The new LBM's incorporate "One-Button" test selections to eliminate the time spent setting controls for a given study.

"AUTOMarkers TM", an exclusive new data measurement feature, automatically locate and measure latencies, durations and amplitudes, freeing the user to focus on results, not controls. "AUTOMarkers TM" even calculate area-under-the-curve, automatically.

With ten memory banks and 3 seconds of EMG signal storage, vital data is readily available. Also, the Trigger and Delay feature allow you to evaluate single motor units like never before.

The built-in printer is the fastest printer ever. And it's virtually silent, as there are no moving parts. No ink cartridges, ribbons or pens to replace either, ever. It allows you to print whatever you want.

For more information, Discounts and availability don't hesitate to call us!

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